The Truth About Rabbits Raised For Fur -[Warning-Graphic]

Pigs, cows, chickens and sheep are not the only group of animals which experience exploitation, captivity and unnecessary suffering at the hands of humans. Rabbits are also abused, often for their meat but mostly for their fur. The following post should give you an insight into the unnecessary pain and suffering these animals undergo on a daily basis.

Rabbits are social animals who, in the wild, live in large groups and build complex warrens to live in. They enjoy running, playing, jumping and grooming one another. They are intelligent creatures and can live up to 10 years old. Unfortunately, this isn’t the reality for billions of rabbits to be killed unnecessarily for fur. The worldwide population of farmed rabbits exceeds one million metric tonnes and yields more than a billion pelts, principally from China. In France alone, 70 million are killed every year for their fur.

In 2013, an animal rights organisation -PETA- revealed the treatment of rabbits in Asia for Angora fur from an investigation in China. The video below shows how workers handle the rabbits and gives a brief overview of the life of an ‘Angora rabbit’ raised for its’ fur. Warning – Graphic.

A report by the organisation states that: ”Rabbits are slaughtered by the millions for meat, particularly in China, Italy, and Spain. Once considered a mere byproduct of this consumption, the rabbit-fur industry demands the thicker pelt of an older animal (rabbits raised for meat are killed before the age of 12 weeks). The United Nations reports that at least 1 billion rabbits are killed each year for their fur, which is used in clothing, as lures in flyfishing, and for trim on craft items.”

What Can You Do?
By making a pledge that you only buy cruelty-free clothing, you can avoid funding and supporting the suffering of many animals. Boycotting brands which sell fur and spreading the information about the reality of ‘fur rabbits’ are also effective ways of helping these animals.

-The Vegan Lily

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