🐤The Vegan Lily.

A New Blog Up Every Day.

I’m constantly learning shocking information everyday about the animal cruelty that exists every day, how our bodies thrive on a vegan diet and how our dietary choices effect the planet and other humans. I would feel almost guilty if I didn’t try to share this important information. Therefore, I decided to set up a blog in an effort to do so. 🐤

Instagram: TheVeganLily

Tumblr: TheVeganLily

Twitter: @TheVeganLily

Vegan Websites:





22 thoughts on “About

  1. Way to go. We speak for the trees…and the animals…and…why this is an important issue for all! People need to become more aware of the consequences of their choices, and we all need to awaken our empathy centers as they have been sleeping under a rock for too long! Great blog! ~Tracy

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  2. I agree with you, I am doing the same thing! I have a few websites and always sharing what I find. I’m all about awareness!! Thank you for your site and all that you do to help! I love your theme! Following! 🙂

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