Video: Bullock On Death-Row

This is one of the most heart breaking videos. The video shows a bullock on death-row hearing a fellow bullock die before he too is killed . It doesn’t show blood or the bullocks’ deathblows but does show how this bullock reacts to what we do to him. He is terrified.
We have no valid reason to do this to other animals who feel and care about what happens to themselves. – Vegan Ireland.

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The key to ending the suffering of billions of animals each year is to educate as many people as possible. Share buttons are below. Thank you.

-The Vegan Lily

2 thoughts on “Video: Bullock On Death-Row

  1. I can hardly read the words, no less, look at pix or video — I understand the need and so very much appreciate your courage to not look away – My heart breaks — to the point of yearning for Christ’s soon return to make things right — Until then, thank you for fighting the good fight – I pray to do my part when and where I can — God bless you in Christ’s healing and holy name – and prayers for God’s beloved creatures and creation.

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