Animal Rights

Every day, billions of animals across the world are being abused in the hands of humans. From animal testing to the food industry, we enslave, torture, rape and murder phenomenal numbers of innocent beings. However, we can put a stop to this suffering by simply not buying animal products.

Posts about animal rights and animal welfare:


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FedEx And UPS Supporting Animal Suffering

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Korean Pig Dumps

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Activism Through Talent

Why All Feminists Should Become Vegan

Helping Dogs In Northern Canada

The Truth About Rabbits Raised For Fur -[Warning-Graphic]

Animals Have A Voice (ft TheVeganLily)

Can Prawns Feel Pain?

Do Salmon Feel Pain?

Is Wool Cruel? – [Warning-Graphic]

Should We Buy Colgate Products?

One Cow’s Heartbreaking Trip To Slaughter -[Warning-Graphic]

How Pigs Are Treated On Factory Farms And In Slaughterhouses

Take Action: Help Ban Wild Animals In Circuses

IFAW – Three Elephants That Need Help

The Life Of A Chicken Used For Meat-[Warning-Graphic]

Inside A Factory Farm – [Warning-Graphic]

Speciesism In The Use Of Animal Images For Advertising

Petition To Stop Ag-Gag

Smithfield Foods Factory Farms Exposed

DuoDuo Animal Welfare Project

Desperate Cow Attempts To Escape Slaughter House

Toronto Pig Save

Overwhelmed Vegan?

Gary Yourofsky’s Website

Quick Animal Abuse Sketch

Suspend Kristen Lindsey’s License to Practice Veterinary Medicine

Dog Meat Yulin Festival – Petition

Bear Suffering In Tregembo Animal Park

What Is Factory Farming?

Five Reasons To Go Vegan

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