Elephants Tortured In India And Thailand

Baby elephants used in the tourism industry in India and Thailand are often torn away from their mothers, caged or tied to a tree, beaten with sticks that have nails attached to their ends, denied access to food or water for days.

Nail-tipped sticks

This treatment is carried out throughout their entire lives (Usually over 50 years).  Some even go blind from the constant hits to their heads.

Elephants and other animals in India and Thailand have little or no rights. Most spend their whole lives chained to the ground, some with sharp spikes around their legs.

The video below is about an elephant, Raju, who cried when rescued from 50 years of slavery.

”For 50 years, Raju the elephant was abused, held shackled in spiked chains and forced to live off scraps from passing tourists. All that changed when he was rescued last weekend by wildlife conservationists who said the animal cried when he was finally set free.”


Please do not ride elephants in India or Thailand and please do not feed the begging elephants. Demand animal rights laws to protect these innocent animals.

You can also sign a petition which demands that these animals are given the rights the deserve.

Petition: https://www.change.org/p/prakash-javadekar

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– The Vegan Lily

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