Avoiding Eggs Won’t Kill You

I’ve recently heard someone claim that animal rights activists or vegan activists try to encourage people not to eat eggs simply because they want to ‘kill off humans’. I’m genuinely curious as to whether or not people actually believe this.

As a vegan activist, I can confidently say that I encourage people to eliminate eggs from their diet because they have been proven to be dangerous to human health and the egg industry can also be cruel.

I care about animals and human health. At no point did I ever wish for any humans to die or for all humans to completely vanish of the earth (although every living thing and the planet would greatly benefit from this). I highly doubt that many animal rights or vegan activists are motivated by the death of humans nor would they wish that upon anyone.

This claim also doesn’t make sense to me because eliminating eggs from your diet will not make you ill, nutrient deficient or kill you. In fact, it should do the opposite.

How are eggs unhealthy?

Here are a couple of reasons:

– Eggs contain animal proteins which have been proven to be harmful for the human body.


– Eggs also contains cholesterol which we don’t need. Our bodies make enough cholesterol that our bodies need.


Removing eggs from your diet should actually improve your overall health. We don’t need eggs to survive and it’s actually kind of strange to be eating the unfertilised eggs of another species anyway.

But don’t take my word for it. Visit the websites of physicians who are reversing cancer, diabetes, heart disease etc. by simply placing patients on a plant-based diet (A diet which does not include animal products ie. meat, fish, dairy, eggs, honey)

How are eggs cruel?

Again, here are a few reasons:

-The egg industry can often be cruel. This includes grinding up male chicks whilst they are still fully alive and conscious. And yes, small chicks are still able to experience both physical and emotional pain. The male chicks are practically useless to the egg industry and are therefor considered as ‘waste’.

-Another method of killing the male chicks is simply gassing the chicks, again, whilst they are still alive and fully conscious.

-Chicks beaks are removed to avoid the animals from pecking at each other out of frustration and lack of space. Chicks’ beaks are extremely sensitive, but the removal is still carried out without anaesthetics.


-Often, eggs can come from hens which are confined in small cages, sometimes, unable to even spread their wings. Place a chicken in a cage with a hole where they can see outside, but still unable to go outside and actually fly and be free, and you can call it ‘Free-ranged’. Many people may choose to buy Free-ranged for ethical reasons but are often still unaware as to how the chickens are treated.

Battery cages – Note the low light intensity beyond range of the camera flashgun

There are plenty of other reasons as to why eggs are not ethical, but the reasons listed above are the reasons I tend to focus on.

You can learn more about the unethical side of eggs on www.bitesizevegan.com or www.peta.org.

By adopting a vegan diet, you can reduce your risk of osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes, cancer etc. You can also cure allergies and acne as well as improving sleep and boosting energy levels.
Your diet will be more friendly to the environment. You’ll be reducing your water usage as well as helping to preserve habitats and species across the world.
People are becoming more aware about how animal agriculture is unsustainable and often cruel, but it’s been proven that animal products are harmful to human health and the environment. If we don’t begin to make changes in our diets soon, we will be suffering serious consequences in just a few decades.

To learn more about becoming vegan, visit the Becoming Vegan page.Share this post if you think it was informative or helpful. Share buttons are below. Thank you.

-The Vegan Lily

6 thoughts on “Avoiding Eggs Won’t Kill You

  1. That is odd for some to claim that we vegans want to kill off all humans when the whole point of our life choices is to end violence to all sentient beings. Last I checked our species is also sentient. It seems that those who are the most angry are those that are right on the cusp of realizing that how they have eaten their entire lives is cruel and they are just not quite prepared to fully face it. But they are almost there! Or they work for the egg, dairy or meat industry and truly have no other way of arguing their point than by just trying to make us look bad or crazy!

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  2. Eggs, cheese, and wool should not be harmful to the animals who provide them. I like these things. I like silk and honey. I also like cotton, but you hear that people around the world are exploited by that industry. We need to get back to normal, old-fashioned agriculture and animal husbandry for sustainability and simple decency towards our own species and all other animals.


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