FedEx And UPS Supporting Animal Suffering 

  ”As you have likely heard, a much-beloved lion named Cecil was recently lured out of the safety of Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, shot with a crossbow by a Minnesota dentist, and left to suffer for 40 hours before he was shot again—this time with a gun—and killed. Cecil was then beheaded and skinned, leaving his family of cubs fatherless and vulnerable. In the wake of this atrocity, many airlines have announced that they will no longer transport animals killed by trophy hunters. However, FedEx and UPS are still providing transport services for hunting trophies.

Trophy hunting is a spineless pastime in which overprivileged cowards pay a hefty price to be handed a weapon so that they can gun down innocent and magnificent animals. These hunts leave wild animals without their mates, parents, and offspring. Hunters, who lack compassion and respect for these living creatures, simply want another carcass that they can mount on their wall. As other renowned companies are taking a stand against this despicable pastime, it’s time that FedEx and UPS follow suit. Take action today to reach out to the companies’ CEOs and urge them to end the transport of hunting trophies TODAY.”

Below is a link to a petition created in the hope that FedEx and UPS end their transport of hunting trophies.

Sign Petition Here

Share this post/petition if you believe that the transport of hunting trophies is both immoral and unnecessary. The key to ending the suffering and exploitation of billions of animals each year is to educate as many people as possible. Share buttons are below. Thank you.

-The Vegan Lily

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