Why Do We Love Dogs But Eat Pigs?

I’ve often heard people say they stopped eating meat once they made the connection between dogs and pigs. They are both animals of similar size and body shape. Both able to experience love, pain and suffering.   So why is it seen as a terrible act to slaughter or mistreat a dog but acceptable and morally okay to inflict the same suffering on a pig?  Hopefully, this post will help you see the similarities between these two animals.


Pigs have been proven to be more intelligent than dogs, dolphins and three year old humans. They can even learn to play video games! Experimental pigs were provided with specially made joysticks that they could control with their mouths or snouts and then tasked with the job of moving a cursor around on the screen to make contact with different target walls that would shrink and move away.  The pigs were successful in understanding the game! Pigs remember locations well, they remember negative and positive experiences, can tell the difference between individual pigs and humans, recognize themselves in mirrors and learn from other pigs. They are more intelligent than all domestic animals and are considered more trainable than cats and dogs.


The same pigs were pampered and stimulated. They lived in large indoor runs and had lots of toys to play with to break up the monotony of the day. The pigs were extremely clean,they housebroke themselves and at the end of a play session they put their own toys away in a big tub.

Pigs Love Belly Rubs Too!

Have you ever had a dog turn over on its’ back so you could rub its’ belly? Come in contact with a pig and chances are, it will mimic this same behaviour for you.

Use of Senses

Similar to dogs, pigs have a keen sense of smell and hearing.


Pigs can be loyal animals and have even been recorded to save drowning children and other animals from drowning.

Similar bodies

It’s obviously that both pigs and dogs have four legs and are of similar height. But what some people might not know is that pigs are naturally slender animals. They only become fat as a result of human interference.


Pigs enjoy cuddling up to each other, snout to snout as they sleep. They also enjoy play-fighting and chasing each other (just as dogs do).


Despite what the popular saying suggests; ”Happy as a pig in sh*t”, pigs actually despise faeces and unless confined, will not ‘go to the toilet’ in the same areas that they sleep. Studies have shown that pigs are actually cleaner than most dogs.

”On many factory farms, sows are no longer allowed to be the good mothers that nature intended. Instead, they are treated as inanimate “meat machines,” squeezed into narrow metal stalls barely larger than their own bodies, and kept constantly pregnant or nursing. Immobilized, mother pigs are unable even to nuzzle their piglets. Pigs’ tails are chopped off and their teeth are cut with pliers—and males are castrated—all without painkillers. At the end of their miserable lives, they get their first breath of fresh air as they are trucked to the slaughterhouse. Finally, they are hung upside-down and bled to death, often, according to slaughterhouse workers and U.S. Department of Agriculture meat inspectors, while still conscious and screaming.” We would consider these actions horrendous and disgusting if we were doing this to dogs. So where does our compassion go when pigs are in this situation?

As animal welfare campaigner Rick Dove was once quoted as saying:

It’s an idiotic double standard: you can’t kick a dog, but you can lock a pig up in a small crate and take her piglets away before she can nurse them properly, as any mother is programmed to do. This is man’s insane inhumanity at its worst.

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Spot the difference?

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-The Vegan Lily

3 thoughts on “Why Do We Love Dogs But Eat Pigs?

  1. It’s funny how I’ve been half vegan for a while and I keep seeing more and more things to make me go all the way vegan, your posts included. There’s a vegan festival in Edinburgh I’m going to go and check out. Keep up the good writing, interesting and I think the same, many people just don’t know about the meat industry and are happy having their eyes shut. Exposure to alternative view points will help the vegan movement and end unnecessary suffering. Well done!

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