Activism Through Talent

Below is an example of how artists can merge activism with their talents. Musician Jack Dean wrote a touching song about the cruelty that exists within the food industry and how we need to make the connection that animal are not ours to exploit.

If you want to support Jack Dean, you can visit his Facebook page:

It’s estimated that 160 billion animals are killed each year for our food alone. This is an unnecessary figure as it has been proven that animal products are not needed for good health. This is not a case of survival. The majority of humans eating animal products are not eating them because there is simply no other food available, but because ‘they like the taste’ or from lack of knowledge about human health, animal suffering and the environment.

The vegan movement needs more activists to educate people about the effect eating animal product has on our bodies, the animals and the planet.  Often, the most effective activism is the most creative. Artwork, music, poetry, photography etc. has the ability to catch peoples’ eyes and reach new audiences.

Sad Cow Disease by AloneInMyRegret21l-apaula5-human-animals-roland-straller-vegan-art


Feel free to share this post (or just the video).  The key to stopping animal exploitation and suffering is to educate as many people as possible. Share buttons are below. Thank you.

-The Vegan Lily

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