Helping Dogs In Northern Canada

IFAW are in need of a reliable van to rescue dogs in the Northern communities, to provide them with ongoing care and to transport them to new homes.  They are aiming to raise $30,000 as soon as possible.

IFAW is an organisation which rescues individual animals, helps protect populations and preserve habitats.

Over the years, IFAW’s Northern Dogs Project has travelled to and from remote northern communities in Canada multiple times each year.  Summer, fall, winter or spring, the Northern Dogs team has made its way to help communities carry out their dog management activities.  When helping animals in remote communities, having an automobile helps to be flexible.8

Now an owner who can’t get their dog to the clinic doesn’t have to forgo vet care. They’ll pick them up.  No transportation home with your dog after surgery?  They’ll drive you back.  Dogs that need more complex surgeries, dogs whose owners no longer want them, or a litter of puppies who need homes all benefit from this organisation.  Dogs like Apple, who needed more than 80 stitches in April, was comfortably transported south to get the care she needed.

Photograph of Apple

But after years of renting vans, the team just learned that the van rental company could no longer provide them with vehicles.  They need to raise $30,000 (USD) as soon as possible to purchase a reliable van that will provide vital care and transportation for dogs in need.

If you are interested in making a donation, I have left a link below to their website where you can find more information and the ‘Donation Page’.

Click here to make a donation

You can learn more about other projects IFAW are involved in such as Three Elephants That Need Help on my Animal Rights Page or on IFAW’s Official Website.

-The Vegan Lily

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