Animals Have a Voice (featuring theveganlily)


Warning: Before you read, this article does contain two disturbing pictures of animals being shut in cramped, small cages. If you want skip these pictures, you can scroll down if you wish.  

Animals. Who doesn’t love them? I know I certainly do – I’ve grown up with two, care free border collies and five cats. But, what about animals outside the home? The ones you’ll see at the zoo? Are they being treated fairly and equally like our household best friends? To investigate and answer this question, I’ve teamed up with theveganlily to address this issue, to explain how and why animals are still treated badly in captivity.

Growing up, I’ve always had a huge passion for animals; I loved learning about and talking to them. In the UK (where I live), most zoos claim that they provide excellent care to our animal friends; big or small. But when I read one of

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