Boycott Beef But Not Leather? – [Warning-Graphic]

Recently, I read a post from someone who was criticizing vegan’s decisions to refuse to buy animal products as clothes (fur, leather, wool etc.).

Their view on boycotting leather was that it was simply ineffective and pointless. After reading further into their argument, I realised that this writer was not arrogant, but simply ignorant to the realities of the leather industry.

-Should we just boycott animal products for food and continue purchasing animal products for clothes/ fashion? If your interested in animal welfare and the environment then no. Ideally, you should boycott all animal products because each animal product purchased is simply funding the mistreatment and slaughter of an animal.

-If leather is simply a byproduct of cows raised for meat, then shouldn’t we focus on boycotting meat instead of leather? Not necessarily. Although more cow meat is purchased than leather, it does not mean that we should ignore the leather industries flaws. The majority of leather that we buy comes from cows which were raised specifically for their skin. These are separate cows to the ones that we eat. In some cases I would even say that the leather industry is more extreme for their mistreatment of animals than the meat industry. By boycotting products which contain leather, we are effectively decreasing demand for these leather products, helping put a stop to the mistreatment and exploitation of these animals.

If your interested in ending any contribution to this horrendous industry and/or want to learn more about where our leather comes from, I recommend watching the video below. It’s only 60 seconds long, but gives a brief insight into the suffering cows endure for this industry:

We have to remember that the products we buy for fashion can sometimes affect the lives of others. Similar to leather, the wool industry isn’t always as pretty as it sounds. I talk about this in detail in my post ”Is Wool Cruel? – [Warning-Graphic]” .

-The Vegan Lily

10 thoughts on “Boycott Beef But Not Leather? – [Warning-Graphic]

  1. I don’t buy leather or animal products (I still have one pair of leather shoes that I’ve had for about 6 years now – still in wearable condition, but not enough to consign or thrift (plus one of my only pairs now) so instead of getting rid of them, I wear them with guilt and sometimes feel like I’m a mere step away from Texas chainsaw massacre. But while I knew I didn’t want to wear another’s skin on my skin, I hadn’t really liked into the leather industry as I have the food industry. Thank you for this eye opening post.

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  2. Interesting read! I desperately needed a new pair of shoes for work and find it hard to get a comfortable fit therefore I am hesitant to mail order vegan shoes. Yesterday I thought I would have to buy leather, but no, I found some great synthetic shoes from schuh UK. Hence it was great to see this post and reaffirm my opting out of the leather industry. Thank you.

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