Should We Buy Colgate Products?

If you rely on regular supermarkets or drugstores as your source of dental care then it may be difficult to find a vegan toothpaste. Although Colgate does test on animals, according to the company’s website, it does offer a selection of products free of animal-derived ingredients:


  • Colgate Cavity Protection (Regular and Gel only)
  • Colgate 2in1 Toothpaste & Mouthwash
  • Colgate Max Fresh
  • Colgate Kids Toothpaste
  • Colgate Sparkling White


  • All Colgate Toothbrushes


Please note that Colgate is not a vegan company and does test on animals. Colgate is listed on PETA as a ‘company that works for regulatory change’ which means “they test on animals only when required by law. They are completely transparent with PETA about which animal tests they conduct and why, and that are actively working to promote development, validation, and acceptance of non-animal methods.”.

3 thoughts on “Should We Buy Colgate Products?

  1. I’d say that you do what you can within the shops and budget that are available to you. Some Superdrug own-brand stuff is vegan, but they don’t yet have an own-brand toothpaste. Maybe they will in time.

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      1. Co-op own-brand toothpaste is vegan and nowhere near as expensive as Kingfisher:

        There are Co-op stores in Northern Ireland (I’ve been in the one in Ballycastle, Co Antrim), but I don’t know if you have them south of the border.

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