IFAW – Three Elephants That Need Help

International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) urgently need people’s help to protect three elephants at the Kafue Release Facility – a part of the Elephant Orphanage Project they support.

Zambia Elephant Collaring

The three were rescued and raised and now they’re getting ready for life in the wild.

They’re now wandering and exploring. But this puts them in danger from human-elephant conflict.

Chodoba, the oldest orphan at Kafue, is the most independent. He wanders away from the other orphans – choosing to feed alone in the savannah, rather than returning to the security of the release facility.

Chamilandu, who’s smaller, younger and less experienced, roams with Chodoba from time to time. And a third young orphan, Kafue, is just now showing signs of increasing independence.

IFAW need our help to purchase new GPS tracking collars for Chamilandu, Chodoba and Kafue.

With these special collars, they can keep track of the orphans as they venture away from the safety of the facility and their keepers. They’ll know where they are. They’ll know when they’re interacting with each other and other elephants. The elephants can be kept safe.

Our voice … our actions … help protect so many animals from suffering and death. A special donation to outfit Chamilandu, Chodoba and Kafue with GPS tracking collars will help protect these endangered elephant orphans from human-elephant conflict. Losing even one of these orphans would be a terrible tragedy. 

I’ve left the link below for anyone who wishes to make a donation or to share the link on social media:  www.IFAW.org/donate

-The Vegan Lily

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