Inside A Factory Farm – [Warning – Graphic]

Cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, fish, and other animals raised for food suffer miserably on modern factory farms. Animal cruelty laws that protect dogs and cats specifically exclude farmed animals from most protection. As a result, blatant abuse is now standard practice on factory farms both large and small. With little to no legal protection from sickening cruelty, farmed animals are subjected to many routine abuses during their short, miserable lives on factory farms.

Following the life of a typical farm animal on one of these factory farms around the world would look something like this:

1. Genetically Manipulated

Animals are artificially bred to grow so fat so quickly they often suffer crippling leg problems and heart attacks at just a few months of age.

2. Intense Confinement

Farmed animals are crammed by the thousands into dark, waste-filled sheds. Many spend their entire lives locked in cages so small they can barely turn around.


3. Mutilation

Animals have their tails cut off, teeth clipped out, and beaks and horns seared off with a hot metal blade. Males have their testicles cut off without anaesthesia. For chickens, in particular, their beaks are cut off without anaesthetics to prevent them from attacking each other in the cramped conditions they are forced to live in.

3. Abuse

Workers often punch, kick, and whip sick and injured animals to move them around farm sheds.

4. Denied Veterinary Care

Sick and injured animals are not given veterinary care. Instead they are left to slowly suffer to death on the floors of sheds.

5. Painfully Killed

Many animals are killed while still fully conscious. Common killing methods include slitting animals’ throats and shooting metal rods through their brains.


Most animals raised for food in first world countries are factory farmed. You can stop funding and supporting the enslavement, torture, exploitations and slaughter of billions of innocent animals each year by simply following a plant-based diet. That means excluding dairy and eggs from your diet, as well as meat because animals raised for their bi-products (Milk and eggs) are all brought to their premature death, regardless of their ‘purpose’.

If you want to learn more about factory farming, I’d recommend visiting the following websites:

-The Vegan Lily

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