Blazing Salads, Dublin. Vegan/Vegetarian Wholefood Deli – Review

Yesterday, we went to a vegan/vegetarian wholefood deli in Dublin – Blazing Salads. It was quite small with no indoor seating but I still really enjoyed their food and the employees were all very friendly and polite.

I was amazed by the selection of vegan foods. I think it’s fair to say that most of their food was vegan. I wasn’t used to having such a  huge variety of cooked and prepared vegan foods.


My favourite buy was the vegan pizza – A pastry with vegan cheese, tomatoes, onions and what I thought were slices of sweet potato. Beautiful.

In the end, we ended up buying two medium sized salads, a slice of pizza, a slice of cheesecake, two slices of ginger brownies and a date crumble. It amounted to just over twenty euro (which I think was good value for the quality of food).


I only know of a handful of restaurants, cafés etc. in Ireland that sell mostly vegan foods. I’d love to see more places similar to blazing salads appear throughout Ireland over the next few years.  I definitely recommend any vegans, vegetarians or even meat eaters to try Blazing Salads, 42 Drury’s Street, Dublin, Ireland.

I’ve left a link to their website below where you can find ‘Today’s Menu’, their blog and even some of their recipes.

-The Vegan Lily

One thought on “Blazing Salads, Dublin. Vegan/Vegetarian Wholefood Deli – Review

  1. I’ve been there once, back in 2004 and asked if they sold vegan soda bread, but they didn’t know what soda bread is! So I ended up buying some Gill’s dairy-free soda bread in Tesco’s – yeah I know.

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