Duo Duo Animal Welfare Profject

DuoDuo Animal Welfare Project (DDAWP) was founded in February, 2013.

As people living in Taiwan and mainland China have accumulated great sums of wealth, an unfortunate consequence has been the mistreatment of animals and ecological devastation. At the same time, increasing numbers of animal advocates in Taiwan and mainland China want to work with their counterparts in the United States to change this.

DDAWP’s mission is to build strong relationships between animal-loving communities in the United States and animal advocates in Taiwan and mainland China through the provision of financial and other resources for on the ground projects. These projects include humane outreach and education, spaying and neutering, legislation and rehoming.

Scope of Problem:

Unlike in many areas of first world countries, there are very few animal shelters, animal care facilities and animal protection agencies in Taiwan and mainland China.

In Taiwan and mainland China, poorly funded animal advocates are the lone voices speaking out for the animals. The vast majority do not have any support from their families, their community, the public, nor the government.

Mainland China has not yet passed any animal protection and animal abuse prevention laws

Answering the Need:

DDAWP will educate the first world public and the Taiwanese and Chinese public on animal welfare issues and will provide financial support to animal welfare advocates and animal care givers in Taiwan and mainland China.

Together, DDAWP with Taiwanese and Chinese animal advocates will work to eliminate the terrible plight of homeless dogs and cats, the cruel treatment of farm animals, and the dire conditions of wildlife.


DDAWP’s ultimate goal is to create an environment in Taiwan and mainland China where all animals are treated with the compassion and respect that they rightfully deserve.


On their website http://www.duoduoproject.org/index.html , you can get involved too by donating, volunteering, fundraising, signing petitions or even just sharing the website on social media.
Your generous support can alleviate the suffering of many animals.

-The Vegan Lily

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