Petition To Stop Ag-Gag

I just signed a petition to stop ag-gag and I hope after reading this, you will want to sign it too.

“Ag-gag” is any bill or law that punishes people for exposing abusive conditions on factory farms. 99% of all food animals in the US come from factory farms, and only undercover investigations allow people to hold these operations accountable.

Billions of farmed animals live and die on cruel, unhealthy, and unsustainable factory farm conditions. Secrecy is what makes this system possible but hundreds of undercover investigations are slowly helping to end it. That is why the agribusiness lobby is trying to pass ag-gag: anti-free speech laws that would jail anyone who makes an unauthorized recording on a farm. It has been passed through four states in the US and has now spread to Australia.

pigs-1 ag-gag

Because ag-gag prevents people from knowing where their food comes from, I’m asking you to join me in going to and signing the stop ag-gag Petition. I’ve left the link to the petition below. It is easy, free and will take only 60 seconds out of your day.

To sign the petition:

-The Vegan Lily

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