Incredible Cow Attempts To Escape Slaughter House

I only recently read an article about a cows attempt to escape a slaughter house and I had to share it afterwards.

I only learned today that Australia exports millions of cows every year to other countries where there are little or no animal welfare regulations. This is something that I’ve never thought of before. So, I started wondering whether Ireland (my own country) did this too. And the answer is yes. We export 100,000s of cattle each year.

I’ve left the link to the article about the Australian cow below. There are pictures of the scene, although they are not graphic, the story is very sad.

Please share the article with as many people as possible. No animal deserves this kind of treatment.

-The Vegan Lily

4 thoughts on “Incredible Cow Attempts To Escape Slaughter House

  1. Ireland exports a phenomenal number of cattle every year. I must urge you to read Fintan O’Toole’s book ‘Meanwhile Back at the Ranch’ on the broader social and political implications for Ireland. It was written 20 years ago and is now out of print, but is worth trying to track down. When I get round to it, I’m going to do a blog post on it. For now, I referenced it in a post I did on the EU earlier in the year.

    Oh and thanks for liking my blog post on the Crooked Nose’d one (you see I know what his name means in Gaelic).

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