Gary Yourofsky’s Website

Gary’s Website

This has become one of my favourite websites at the moment. Gary is an absolute inspiration and writes amazing speeches and lectures. He is an animal rights vegan activist and on his website you will find many videos and articles about animal rights, liberation, oppression etc.


5 thoughts on “Gary Yourofsky’s Website

  1. I know you have been doing this for a long time. How many peoples lives do you think you’ve changed for the better? Would you have an idea of what percentage of the population now are vegan? My daughter has gone vegan now for close to a year now. I am very proud of her for believing in what she cares about and stand up for her animal companions. I am her dad and trying to support what she believes in, it will take me a bit to change over but in the process of doing that. Best regards Dean .

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  2. Yourofsky said of two duck hunters that died: “I only hope they suffered horribly before they met their demise. I hope they, and anyone who feels sorry for them, rot in HELL!”
    So far, I’ve not found a vegan who will even call this inappropriate. Do YOU believe this way? You must, or you wouldn’t direst people to his website


  3. I don’t agree with everything that Gary says. However, in my opinion, the work that he does, the lives that he saves and the message that he spreads is too important for me not to recommend his website and channel.
    I personally wouldn’t wish anyone to ”suffer horribly” or ”rot in hell”, human or non-human, meat-eater or vegan.


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