Eating Out As A Vegan

For some reason, I find that non-vegans seem to think that it’s extremely difficult to go to restaurants and family events as a vegan. I personally disagree.

Most places will have at least one vegan dish (even accidently) and if they don’t, they will usually accept your request to serve the dish without the cheese, dairy, honey etc.

I’ve found that most Indian and Chinese restaurants have loads of vegan dishes. Last week we decided to order a Chinese take away. I decided to get a dish with a cashew sauce (completely vegan friendly!) and it tasted amazing.

And last Friday I went to an Irish restaurant, where the waiter even offered to make me a special vegan dish. Not to my surprise, it was amazing again. A large salad with sundried tomatoes, wedges and a sweet and sour sauce. ❤

Family events may be a bit of a different story. If you know in advance that an event you’re going to will more than likely not have any vegan food, perhaps eat before you go out or bring some food with you (depending on what type of event it is).

Luckily, my family are quite accepting of my ethical beliefs (for the most part) but I understand that many vegans don’t get the support from their families that they deserve. In situations like these, I would suggest explaining to some of your family members (in a calm manner) some of the reasons that you decided to become vegan. Try to talk about issues that you know they would have some kind of interest in.

Gaining your family and friends support for your choice to be vegan may take some time, but it is certainly not impossible. You might even end up convincing a few more people you know to make the transition themselves!

-The Vegan Lily

4 thoughts on “Eating Out As A Vegan

  1. Very good article! I have struggled with this challenge at times (I’ve been a yo-yoing vegan). Applebees is the worst place to go to as a vegan I have found. The one in my hometown, Joplin, Missouri was completely stumped and mystified when I asked if they could load my pasta with something other than meat and cheese…not fun.

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  2. I agree that eating out and spending time with family doesn’t have to be difficult. As long as you know what you are looking for and can express it, I find that people are generally happy to accommodate my requests 🙂

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