Cruelty Free Hair Dye

I’ll admit, I do dye my hair a lot. Recently, I’ve been trying to lighten my hair by getting highlights every few weeks. However, as I became increasingly more aware of animal testing, I decided that I couldn’t continue purchasing brands, such as, L’Oreal or Clairol as they tested on animals. So, for weeks I was searching the internet and was still getting no results for any vegan hair dyes, except for dyes that were only semi-permanent and could not lighten hair (only darken it).

So today, I went into Superdrug and to my delight, was told by one of the employees that their own brand is against animal testing. Of course, I checked the box and yes, it clearly states that Superdrug is against animal testing. They also stocked many dyes that lightened hair as well as darkened it.

To help many people who wish to colour their hair more ethically, I wanted to publish this post about this vegan hair dye as it would of saved me a lot of time if someone had of pointed me in the right direction.

Happy Colouring🐤

-The Vegan Lily

2 thoughts on “Cruelty Free Hair Dye

  1. I’ve been trying to find some cruelty free hair lightener too and it’s so difficult! Boots also do a BUAV approved dye in their Botanics range.

    However, I cannot find a root touch up kit ANYWAY that’s not tested on animals. My hair has been highlighted for years and I stupidly assumed animal testing was on the wain, but clearly not.

    If you or anyone else comes across a root touch up kit, please let me know!


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