Are Humans Herbivores?

This subject always seems to cause conflict. I’ve heard so many times that we should eat meat because humans need to eat meat. So, I did a bit of research of my own and found several scientific findings that points to the idea that humans are in fact not omnivores.

For anyone who believes that humans are supposed to eat meat, I want you to just take a look at us humans. In my opinion, we make pathetic omnivores. Here are some reasons why:

1. Our Nails

Have a look at your nails. Do they resemble the claws of a dog, cat or lion? Do they seem capable of tearing the flesh of a cow open? Science says ‘No’. They are suitable for picking and peeling fruit and vegetables.

2. Our Teeth

I often hear people saying that our ”sharp teeth” are made for tearing flesh. Our teeth are incapable of tearing the flesh of a cow or sheep.

3. Our Stomachs

If we were supposed to eat meat then wouldn’t we be able to properly digest animal proteins and wouldn’t they be completely safe for the human body? Carnivores and omnivores secrete enzymes that break down uric acid found in meat. However, humans do not have this enzyme. We also have only 1/20 of the amount of hydrochloric acid in our stomachs needed to break down concentrated meat.

4. Our Digestive Tract

We have very long digestive tracts (about twelve times the length of our torsos). The digestive tract of a carnivore is on average only about three times the length of its torso. This is necessary for the prevention of rotting or decomposition of flesh within the digestive system.

5. Our Tongues

All of meat eating animals have rough tongues. Animals that do not eat meat have soft tongues, including humans.

6. Births

Herbivores tend to give birth to one baby at a time. However, carnivores tend to give birth to litters.

7. Persperation

Humans sweat from pours on our skin found all over our bodies. Carnivores sweat from the tongue only.

8. Jaw Movement

Herbivores have the ability to move their jaws from side to side (lateral jaw movement) for grinding plants. Carnivores (dogs, cats etc.) can only move their jaws up and down.

I mentioned only eight reasons why humans belong in the herbivore category but there are plenty more. I encourage everyone to do a bit of research in this area. Eating meat is, in fact, very dangerous for humans. Please note that this is not my opinion. It is fact.

-The Vegan Lily

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