Vegan Ice cream

Tice cream is completely healthy with no added sugars or fats. It’s really simple and fast to make as well. All you’ll need is a banana, a freezer and a blender.


3 or more bananas (depends on how hungry you are)

An alternative milk (eg. almond milk, coconut milk)

Another fruit for flavour (eg. Strawberries, Dates) – (Optional)

Toppings (eg. Berries, Cacao Nibs) – (Optional)



Half each banana and store in a freezer for a few hours. Once they are frozen, blend them along with approximately one cup of milk. Blend until you get an ice cream-like texture.

If your not a huge fan of the banana flavour then you can add strawberries or cacao powder into the blender.

I usually top my vegan ice cream off with some seeds, nuts or cacao nibs for extra flavour.


-The Vegan Lily

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