Should We Eat Eggs?

It’s true that eggs are very nutritious and meet the nutritional needs of a chick. However, us humans are not chicks and therefor our nutritional needs differ.

When we cook eggs, the three dimensional proteins within the egg are broken down into two dimensional fragments of proteins. When entered into the bloodstream, these fragments can cause inflammatory responses.

However, when we do not cook our eggs, we have a higher risk of obtaining diseases, such as Salmonella.

Also, our bodies are alkaline. Animal proteins contain sulphur, which in turn means they are acidic. When we eat these animal products containing animals proteins we create an acidic environment in our bodies (acidosis). In order to neutralise the pH level, our body begins to release calcium from our muscles and bones. This, of course, not many people are aware of and can lead to weak, brittle bones as we become older.

Research has shown that eating one medium sized egg every day can shorten a humans life by the same amount if they were smoking five cigarettes each day.

There is so much research being carried out and we are discovering more and more each week about the effects of eating animals products on our bodies. This is a reason why so many people are adopting a vegan diet.


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