Five Reasons To Go Vegan 🐤

The Animals It’s estimated that over 56 billion farmed animals alone are killed every year and over 3000 animals are killed in slaughter houses around the world every second. Of course, these figures are not including the numbers of fish and sea creatures that are killed each year. This number is so large that it’s measured in tonnes.

Your Health A healthy vegan diet can be very beneficial for your health. Excluding animal products and by-products from your diet can help prevent cancers, heart diseases, diabetes etc.

Planet Livestock is responsible for 18% of carbon emissions in the world. Compare this to transports responsibility for 13% of carbon emissions…

The People Starving Land used to grow grain and food for our own ‘food’ to eat could be used to grow crops that could feed millions of starving people in third world countries.

Your Mind Being aware of your surroundings, what’s happening around the world as well as being aware of where your dinner has come from proves to be extremely beneficial for the mind and soul. Becoming vegan has allowed many people to feel as though they have found their sense of purpose.

—– It is my opinion that we share this earth with one another and that includes the other non-human animals. We do not have the right to create these artificial populations of certain animal species for our own needs and often for the sole purpose of killing these animals for food, fashion etc. We are quite literally killing ourselves and bringing the planet with us.

4 thoughts on “Five Reasons To Go Vegan 🐤

  1. I love you work Lily. I am not yet vegan. I still eat scallops,clams,crabs,eggs. I havent eaten meat or fish in a while tho’ not easy to make a transition. Lol. However, I understand your advocacy. Knowing that since we are all created by love we are all equal – for love has no favourites and all creatures be treated with equal dignity. So, I agree with your statement “it is my opinion that we share this earth with one another and that includes the other non-human animals.” But, I am still just not fully there yet. Lol

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    1. Thank you very much 🙂 My advice would be to just keep educating yourself more and more about the food we eat and it’s effects on our health, the animals and the planet and you’ll get there soon enough ! 🙂 Great to hear your trying to make changes in your diet though ! 🙂


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